Wednesday, January 12, 2011

::.MY TEARS.::


                    Ooo Allah! Hear my doa… keep me as a part of the prophet ummah…

       I see this life history, from a drop of semen is despicable - Ar-Rahim kept. Served in the content of human mother. The fact that I create, I came so humiliated!!!

       I see my feet site, of two fingers. Then I smiled happily. I smiled proudly since yesterday!! “ Ahhh… I’m special, not eligible for me to follow one direction because I am not worthy to be on the bottom!!”

       Who are you يا ايها الناس ? Until very proud. With you just from a drop of semen!! Does Allah accept your deeds? “ I'm not afraid for me was pleasing to Allah, the Creator.”

       I got to change. I tried to read al-quran, trying to persuade my heart. “ you're despicable! just a drop of semen! how are you so arrogant?” but no answer. my heart is silent, hard to break gravel.

       I tried to get up again, crying myself is despicable. “here, trying to find Allah,” my heart whispers.

رب العلمين !


  1. salam..nice blog.
    hope u can continue writing..;-)

  2. May always under the love of Allah..Insya'Allah.. love u fatin..

  3. salam fatin..mai jengah blog kgkawn len... maju lagi atin...

  4. hope u can continue writing friend.. i think u have talent in writing...gud luck!

  5. > adah aziz


    thank`s naiemah..
    insyaAllah, i can to be continue writing..

    pray fo me.. =)

  6. > robithah mawaddah

    InsyaAllah, i mut to be continue..
    pray for me, please.. :)

    Love you fillah to.. =D

  7. > sinarharapan


    terima kasih sofiah..
    InsyaAllah, nnati fatin akan menyusur kemudian..

    p/s: tlg doakan fatin ye.. =)

    ~permata yang dicari~

  8. > robithah mawaddah

    Tq shahida,
    i`m sorry coz not to be continue more..

    give me chance.. =(
    please pray for me to istiqamah.. he3