Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We aRe 15 GenEratiOn of MATRI


          Alhamdulillah, The date cannot be forgotten by me, 2 January 2005.. I have stepped foot into a place called deep “tarbiyah”, Ma’had Attarbiyah Al-Islamiyah(MATRI) is that until now has always reign in my heart. This is a gift from Allah for allowing me to feel that my pleasure “tarbiyah” looking for.

          All sorts of things I learned in the past five years MATRI there. The construction of our fraternity prevailed to this day. A total of 47 female and 74 male students have successfully completed studies at the MATRI until the year 2009 (December 18, 2009). In the class 5 Sastera Sumaiyyah, there are 29 student princesses. I loved the class teacher Nizrana binti Yusoff teacher who helped a lot in every problem.

           “Murabbi” in MATRI always in our hearts. If there is space we will visit the MATRI. In MATRI-pearl is the pearl is very valuable to be collected by anyone who comes in there. "MATRI is the best in the world, "said sir Muhammad Abdoh bin Zainal Abidin.

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