Wednesday, January 26, 2011


In The Name Of Allah Most Beneficent Most Compassionate…
          Hasan al-basyri once said: "Do not specify your price unless the heaven. Souls of those who believe it is expensive but some of them sell at a cheap price. "

          Teenagers are the most precious creatures that were created by Allah. The most powerful creature because of the hundreds of thousands of sperm cells, teen won the struggle for survival.

           Have youth think that our self is like the world who wants to master, like gold and silver owned? Unfortunately, only a small portion of your life is being aware of the believers and the most expensive property.

          Instead, more people who think that the real world is more precious and more expensive than a life of faith. This mind often causes us to cry on when out of money.                                                                                                  
                               At library KTD 22 December 2009 "kursus jatidiri"...
We have not contemplated making in tears when the heart is dead and getting away with Allah. There was never any tears when considering all the sins we have done. In this case there is the Prophet said: "The world is cursed, all that is therein damned unless remembrance of Allah, the things that concerned with remembrance, an “`alim” and a student.” 

Fatin & Nadhirah at MATRI 2009

sMilE aLwaYs...:-)

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