Wednesday, January 26, 2011


In The Name Of Allah Most Beneficent Most Compassionate…
          Hasan al-basyri once said: "Do not specify your price unless the heaven. Souls of those who believe it is expensive but some of them sell at a cheap price. "

          Teenagers are the most precious creatures that were created by Allah. The most powerful creature because of the hundreds of thousands of sperm cells, teen won the struggle for survival.

           Have youth think that our self is like the world who wants to master, like gold and silver owned? Unfortunately, only a small portion of your life is being aware of the believers and the most expensive property.

          Instead, more people who think that the real world is more precious and more expensive than a life of faith. This mind often causes us to cry on when out of money.                                                                                                  
                               At library KTD 22 December 2009 "kursus jatidiri"...
We have not contemplated making in tears when the heart is dead and getting away with Allah. There was never any tears when considering all the sins we have done. In this case there is the Prophet said: "The world is cursed, all that is therein damned unless remembrance of Allah, the things that concerned with remembrance, an “`alim” and a student.” 

Fatin & Nadhirah at MATRI 2009

sMilE aLwaYs...:-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Read phonetically
           Alhamdulillah…are the words that came out of my mouth.. Sweat of brow and my clothes wet. Tiredness is very likely, over the last 5 years I was in the MATRI, I've got first place in the MATRI’s marathon. I'm interested in this sport.

          Before I joined the MATRI’s marathon, I will warm up first. I have been teaching her sisters how to run the right not to be tired after the race. Alhamdulillah, effective tips which I gave to her sisters and friends.

          Health care is vital for our worship to be done well. One of our healthy is to sports. As the Arab proverb says "a clever mind is the body fit."


         Upon completion of SPM 2009, I had to follow a course of " Kursus Jatidiri dan Kesukarelawan Remaja”. On 21 December 2009, I have set my feet to the KTD for the first time. The course was conducted at the KTD beginning 22 December 2009 to 10 January 2010. Then the participants moved to the Bachok in Sri Pantai Resort until 7 February 2010.

          During the KTD, participants divided into small groups. I've got a group whose members are very good and friendly. I have proposed the name of ZINNIRAH group (group 4). A total of 10 members in my group. Among Fatin Nabila (me), Fatimah, Farhah, Syitah, Nadiah, Amal, Mariyam, Aniqah, Wan Alia and Norma.

          During the closing days of the main hall of KTD, I declared the best team throughout the course. We are shocked because we did not expect to win. I really miss my team members who are currently in an institution other than the KTD, which is where I'm studying now.

          "Hopefully we'll meet again, if not the world may be in heaven, God willing."

We aRe 15 GenEratiOn of MATRI


          Alhamdulillah, The date cannot be forgotten by me, 2 January 2005.. I have stepped foot into a place called deep “tarbiyah”, Ma’had Attarbiyah Al-Islamiyah(MATRI) is that until now has always reign in my heart. This is a gift from Allah for allowing me to feel that my pleasure “tarbiyah” looking for.

          All sorts of things I learned in the past five years MATRI there. The construction of our fraternity prevailed to this day. A total of 47 female and 74 male students have successfully completed studies at the MATRI until the year 2009 (December 18, 2009). In the class 5 Sastera Sumaiyyah, there are 29 student princesses. I loved the class teacher Nizrana binti Yusoff teacher who helped a lot in every problem.

           “Murabbi” in MATRI always in our hearts. If there is space we will visit the MATRI. In MATRI-pearl is the pearl is very valuable to be collected by anyone who comes in there. "MATRI is the best in the world, "said sir Muhammad Abdoh bin Zainal Abidin.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

::.MY TEARS.::


                    Ooo Allah! Hear my doa… keep me as a part of the prophet ummah…

       I see this life history, from a drop of semen is despicable - Ar-Rahim kept. Served in the content of human mother. The fact that I create, I came so humiliated!!!

       I see my feet site, of two fingers. Then I smiled happily. I smiled proudly since yesterday!! “ Ahhh… I’m special, not eligible for me to follow one direction because I am not worthy to be on the bottom!!”

       Who are you يا ايها الناس ? Until very proud. With you just from a drop of semen!! Does Allah accept your deeds? “ I'm not afraid for me was pleasing to Allah, the Creator.”

       I got to change. I tried to read al-quran, trying to persuade my heart. “ you're despicable! just a drop of semen! how are you so arrogant?” but no answer. my heart is silent, hard to break gravel.

       I tried to get up again, crying myself is despicable. “here, trying to find Allah,” my heart whispers.

رب العلمين !